What is hittaut?

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Search for checkpoints and explore your surroundings with Hittaut

Since 2008 Hittaut has attracted thousands of participants to get out and look for checkpoints. Bring the Hittaut map on your walk, bike ride or run and you will activate both body and mind while searching for checkpoints. Perhaps you'll also explore something new. 

Collect codes from your checkpoint visits and register them on your account, for the chance to win a prize. Everyone can participate on their own terms, all day and all night during the season that starts in the spring and ends in the fall.

Hittaut is free to use and takes place in many different locations in Sweden and activates more than 100 000 people.

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Get hold of a map

Download Hittaut's app to get access to all Hittaut maps in Sweden. 

Download the app for Android

Download the app for iOS

If you prefer to navigate with a paper map you can get one for free. Look for "papperskarta" on your local Hittaut project's website and continue to the list of "utlämningsställen" to find where you can pick up your map.

Find your way

The map is a visual representation of the surroundings and your tool to find the checkpoint. Do you want to learn how to read the map and what the symbols represent? Download the folder Orienteering for beginners.


Image: www.croc.org/beginners/

You find the map on the website or in the Hittaut app. Pick up your copy of the printed map at one of our pickup points ("utlämningsställe"). If you're using the digital map you can take help from the GPS marker. Make sure you have allowed the app to use location services.

Find checkpoints

The numbered circles on the map mark where the checkpoints are located. Read the description ("checkpointbeskrivning") to know what object you are looking for. When there, search for a post in aluminum, around a meter high,  with a pink Hittaut sticker.

Checkpoints are placed in urban and residential areas, as well as in nearby forests. There are checkpoints in four different challenge levels: 

  • green - very easy
  • blue - easy
  • red - intermediate 
  • black - advanced

Please contact us if a checkpoint is missing or damaged.

Register checkpoint visits

Note the code in letters you find on each checkpoint and register it on your account on the website (on "min sida") or in the app.

Win prizes

When you register a checkpoint you participate in a lottery with chance to win a prize. The more checkpoints you register, the greater the chance to win.

Everyone can participate

Hittaut is free to use and everyone can participate on their own terms. Hittaut is available all day and all night during the season that starts in the spring and ends in the fall.  

All checkpoints marked with a wheel are accessible for people with wheelchairs, strollers, rollerblades and bikes as they are placed along paved roads or similar.

Bring a friend, your dog or explore by yourself. Follow the registration top lists on the website.

We make it happen

Hittaut is owned and coordinated by the Swedish Orienteering Federation and run by local orienteering clubs. It's a nonprofit project dependent on support from partners and sponsors. It is valuable for us that all participants register checkpoints, as the numbers are important in the dialog with partners and sponsors. 

Respect animals and nature

Thanks to the Right of Public Access we can move freely in the countryside as long as we don't disturb or destroy. Though, you can't walk in private gardens, near a dwelling house, or land under cultivation. Learn more on Naturvårdsverket's website.