Foot Orienteering

About Foot-O

Foot Orienteering is the most original and largest disciplines and is practised on foot. The practitioner must get from the start to finish as quickly as possible via a number of controls, aided with only the map and compass. It takes place in the forest, park or urban environment.

There are also a number of different competition distances in FootO. The most common ones are long distance, middle distance, sprint distance, night orienteering and relay. 


Beyond these there are also a number of different forms of exercise orienteering, where well-being and the experience of nature usually are the main attraction for the practitioner.

The exercise training of orienteering is both about physical development and becoming an increasingly skilled orienteer technically. If you desire to become a successful orienteer, it is not enough to be fast or persistent. It is also not enough to become skilled with the map and compass and find the fastest way to each control. The most successful orienteers are able to master both the endurance and speed, in different types of terrain together with the skill of rarely choosing the wrong way or making big mistakes technically.   

Find more information at "How it works" and the website of the Swedish Orienteering Federation



Long distance

The longest distance which is characterised by longer stretches between controls where the choice of route is decisive. For senior aged elite runners, the long distance is up to 95 minutes for the winner.

Middle distance

A large number of controls, quick decisions, and technical challenges. The winning time is around 30-35 minutes.

Sprint distance

A large number of controls, quick decisions, and small margins. Easy orienteering that becomes difficult due to the high speed. Around 12-15 minutes for the winner.

Night orienteering

The most mythical distance. The most difficult orienteering possible which gives a sense of pleasure to master. The vital is to simplify and be accurate and careful with the direction.